A huge passion of mine that surprisingly not many people know about is interior design. Nothing excites me more than experimenting with different colours, textures and prints to change the look and feel of a space. Living at home with my parents limits me to what I can do, but luckily enough for me I have freedom (well… mostly freedom! I have European parents) with what I can do so I’m always fixing and changing things around to suit my mood.

Currently, I’m in the middle of helping design the interior of the new family home with so many cosy goodies. This means spending hours on pinterest, homeware sites and watching house tours on YouTube has fixed my cravings. At the moment, I’m loving industrial, Scandinavian / monochrome bohemian. I love the look of raw materials combined with different textures like fur, rope or plants.

Below I’ve compiled some of my favourite pieces from my favourite websites / brands. I do not own all these products (if I was made out of money I would) but these are some items that have helped give me some inspiration.

Happy decorating xx

Urban Outfitters: 

37007762_001_d.jpeg  42443812_070_d.jpeg  42106914_070_d.jpeg  42397760_004_d.jpeg  41488156_014_d.jpg  42031815_007_d.jpg

41359175_015_d.jpeg  42599449_016_d.jpeg  43119171_102_d.jpeg  41569294_003_d.jpeg  43390038_011_d.jpeg  38887121_001_b.jpeg


35418706_003_b10.jpeg  38029732_026_b2.jpeg  41577651_010_b.jpeg  40625113_009_b.jpg  40624462_018_b.jpeg  37623899_015_b.jpeg

35159656_014_b1.jpeg  32513624_100_b.jpeg  21165006_001_b.jpeg  40612269_004_b.jpeg  40442865_010_b2.jpeg  36197945_074_b14.jpeg

Bed, Bath ‘n Table:

m_f-amira-cream-qqc.jpg    m_f-tribeca-marle-bale-set-stone-ivory-19388001.jpg    m_f-soho-bath-caddy-silver-10558201_1.jpg    m_f-apothecary-ba-18518101-alt_1.jpgm_f-mongolian-lambwool-faux-throws-194725-r.jpg    m_f-odessa-cushion-50x50cm-182345-r-v2.jpg    m_f-hanging-mirror-hexagon-black-19256501.jpg    m_f-glass-prisms-189523-r_2.jpg


42177272-1-tf.jpg     42348399-1-tf.jpg     42327196-1-tf.jpg     42328360-1-tf.jpg

42287971-1-tf.jpg   42262398-1-tf.jpg      42476245-1-tf.jpg      42433200-1-tf.jpg

42433422-1-tf.jpg   42427087-1-tf.jpg   42420927-1-tf.jpg      42427513-1-tf.jpg






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