If you’re like me, your ‘wish lists’ on all online stores are about 10 pages long, worth over $5000 and mostly consist of items you know you won’t buy but want to dream about. I’m a size 16-18 depending on the brand, so finding pieces sometimes can be hard that cater for my big bum and boobs, but lately brands like ASOS and Boohoo have been slaaaaaaaying the plus size game.

So, I thought I’d compile a list of my favourite plus size and regular items that hopefully can give you some of that inspo!

Enjoy x

ASOS: (some items are from their regular range which go up to an 18)

1073704-White-c665a2af-.jpeg  Unknown.jpeg   596317c6b0183.jpg   8237840-1-vintageblue.jpeg   8150731-1-multi.jpeg

7757249-1-blackpattern.jpeg   8309775-3.jpeg   tag_3549228   7864767-1-multi.jpeg   8380771-1-khaki.jpeg

Boohoo: all items are in the plus size range

pzz89293_grey%20marl_xl.jpeg   pzz87827_multi_xl.jpeg   pzz89457_black_xl.jpeg   79c7c4c5f36ce0c2b7b105570b2c902222f3ba53-BH_PZZ90934-106   pzz89488_navy_xl_1.jpeg

pzz88875_black_xl_3.jpeg   pzz89303_black_xl.jpeg   pzz89127_camel_xl.jpeg   352b65f4a6727b1a8d4fbd1bce41e1cc3c6bc799-PZZ89481-105.jpg   pzz90252_black_xl.jpeg

Monks: Although they don’t have a plus size range, a lot of their sizing can cater for larger women

0502293001_0_1.jpg   0556140001_0_1.jpg   0525267001_0_1.jpg   0506032001_0_2.jpg   0508414004_0_1.jpg




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