I’m a planner.

As much as I love being spontaneous, I need to plan my life out so you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as I finished uni and we entered the new year, I knew exactly how I wanted to spend this year.

I have a well thought out plan. To travel. To use this year as my gap year. To look for a job in social media but to not let it impact and affect my life. And I’m standing by it. I used to spend so much time dwelling on the fact that ‘I’m not good enough to get a job in my preferred industry’ and a lot of last year I stressed myself out because of it.

I’m about to head on my first trip of the year to Bali. I’m excited, I’m anxious but most importantly I’m satisfied that even if it’s my only trip for this year, I’ve at least reached my goal of travelling.

I hate new year resolutions and try to never make them, but I try to reach one specific goal a year that I know will help my future. This year it’s about just doing what I want. Not listening to others and just living.

So here’s to 2018.





Being a Melbournian means my lifestyle is fast-paced and always busy (explains why I’ve been M.I.A). Everything is always go, go, go and there’s rarely anytime for a break. Last weekend boyfie and I headed down to Barwon Heads for the weekend. I’ve never stayed down there and was excited to experience the laid back nature so many people talk about. Before coming down, I’m not going to lie, I had extremely high expectations. Everyone said how incredible this place is and how welcoming locals are. At first, I took it with a grain of salt… I mean isn’t there always someone who says how great a place is just to tell you they’ve been there before? But as soon as I arrived, I realised Barwon Heads is one of Victoria’s most beautiful places.

I stayed at the local caravan park which was in the perfect location for tourists like me. Being so close to the shops, restaurants and the instagram-perfect beach across the road, you begin to get a feel of the locals lifestyles down here. The staff at the caravan park were extremely approachable, kind and offered good old-fashioned customer service which you rarely get in Melbourne now. As soon as I settled in and unpacked, I ventured off to see what the town had to offer.

Fresh produce, incredible local made clothes, homewares and aaaaaamazing almond croissants left me in love with this place. Being a vegetarian, it can be hard visiting towns and finding something to eat that’s not pasta. Coming to a beach town like Barwon Heads which is known for it’s seafood had me worried. But, for the first time I had options. A lot of them. From vegetable pesto panini’s to smashed avo and wood fired pizza… if there was such thing as heaven, I found it.

Barwon Heads exceeded all my already high expectations. It’s a place that not matter how many times you go, theres always something to see and something to do. For a place so close to Melbourne, it makes you feel like you’re a million miles away. I will be back.


Disclaimer: In no way is the post to persuade people. It’s simply outlining my experiences and thoughts. 

Growing up in a European family meant always eating bolognese, schnitzel, meatballs, antipasto platters with prosciutto, ham and salami. Every meal I ate consisted of some sort of meat product. When I was younger, I was okay with this. I didn’t think any differently and I was never told (as silly as this sounds) that meat was an animal.

As I got older, I started to educate myself more on the impact eating meat has on the world and watched people close to like my brother become vegetarian and close friends become vegan. Late last year, I decided it was time to do it. I lasted a month. A month of enjoying not eating meat before I got sooooooooo drunk, ate a chicken kebab (shoutout to King St Kebabs) and missed the taste.

I did feel guilty. But my whole diet for 20 years was customed to eating meat. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to try again, but honestly I didn’t feel ready. It sounds silly, just cutting an ingredient from your diet… but for me it was more than that. It’s a social thing. I didn’t want to be that person that had to say no to a restaurant because there were no vegetarian options. I didn’t want to have dinner at a friends house and say no to what they cooked because it had meat in it.

Two months ago, my boyfriend Mitch and I were having a discussion with my brother and we agreed to give it ago. Two months later, Mitch hasn’t touched meat (…. he’s one of those people that puts their minds to things and smashes it) (I hate those people!). I cheated hear and there but I did reduce the amount I was having as much as I could till I was no longer eating it.

I now have not been eating meat for almost a month now and I can honestly I do not miss it. Well… I do miss it, because it makes life easier to cook a meal but I don’t miss the taste. I don’t miss a slab of steak on my plate, or grilled chicken in my burger.

I’m going to make posts hear and there updating about my journey, because I know so many people who are scared to give it a go! Like me, I was so worried about making a change in my lifestyle, but once you do it, you realise it’s not as bad as it may seem.

Leave a comment telling me your experiences with vegatarianism / veganism. What are your thoughts on it?




Your life is YOUR life. I know… it’s stating the obvious right? But to be the happiest you can be, means that sometimes you need to put yourself before anyone else.

Hate gets you nowhere. Putting all your energy into hating on someone or more importantly, hating on yourself doesn’t do much for you. I much rather put my energy into something a lot more positive. Like my blog hehe.

Your mental health is more important than money. This is a little hypocritical of me as sometimes I over-work myself and completely ruin myself, but no amount of money can beat a good mental health state. Take the time out if you need to. A good manager always understands.

Find a hobby. A hobby always makes people happy. Blogging for me is my biggest hobby and sitting down, writing  and sharing my content with the world makes me one happy little girl.

Have a self care day. You know how you go shopping with friends, have pamper sessions with your friends and spend time with your friends? Do the same with yourself. When I get the chance, I always try and take myself out of the house, even if it’s just down to my local shopping centre. I loooooove my own company.

You’re not alone. In a world of 7 billion people, there’s always someone.



If you’re like me, your ‘wish lists’ on all online stores are about 10 pages long, worth over $5000 and mostly consist of items you know you won’t buy but want to dream about. I’m a size 16-18 depending on the brand, so finding pieces sometimes can be hard that cater for my big bum and boobs, but lately brands like ASOS and Boohoo have been slaaaaaaaying the plus size game.

So, I thought I’d compile a list of my favourite plus size and regular items that hopefully can give you some of that inspo!

Enjoy x

ASOS: (some items are from their regular range which go up to an 18)

1073704-White-c665a2af-.jpeg  Unknown.jpeg   596317c6b0183.jpg   8237840-1-vintageblue.jpeg   8150731-1-multi.jpeg

7757249-1-blackpattern.jpeg   8309775-3.jpeg   tag_3549228   7864767-1-multi.jpeg   8380771-1-khaki.jpeg

Boohoo: all items are in the plus size range

pzz89293_grey%20marl_xl.jpeg   pzz87827_multi_xl.jpeg   pzz89457_black_xl.jpeg   79c7c4c5f36ce0c2b7b105570b2c902222f3ba53-BH_PZZ90934-106   pzz89488_navy_xl_1.jpeg

pzz88875_black_xl_3.jpeg   pzz89303_black_xl.jpeg   pzz89127_camel_xl.jpeg   352b65f4a6727b1a8d4fbd1bce41e1cc3c6bc799-PZZ89481-105.jpg   pzz90252_black_xl.jpeg

Monks: Although they don’t have a plus size range, a lot of their sizing can cater for larger women

0502293001_0_1.jpg   0556140001_0_1.jpg   0525267001_0_1.jpg   0506032001_0_2.jpg   0508414004_0_1.jpg





I’ve been umm’ing and ahh’ing the last two months whether or not I should post this. I said I’d be 100% honest on this blog, and I’m going to be, even if it means going out of my comfort zone.

I have been on a six year journey with my mental health and recently I feel like I’ve turned a corner. When I was 16, I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I was too young to understand so I didn’t do much about it. Then, at 19, old enough to understand I had a problem, I was diagnosed with depression. After a couple of months of being in denial, refusing to speak to someone and take medication, I decided enough was enough.

My mental health at one point, impacted every single aspect of my life. I’d panic before going to a party because larger crowds make me anxious, I’d cry before going to work because my job made me depressed and I’d think about what life would be like, if I wasn’t here. Now let me clear something up, I was never suicidal. I never wanted to kill myself, I never attempted to. But the thought of what life would be like if I wasn’t around constantly crossed my mind.

I’m making this post as a piece of advice and an important lesson that I’ve only just learnt recently. So many people say it get’s better. And it’s true, it does. But it’s important to remember, getting better isn’t easy. Learning to improve your lifestyle takes experimenting and sometimes being selfish. Sometimes it means saying no to going out because you feel anxious and need a self care day. That’s fine. Do it.

I used to say yes all the time because I felt the need to please people. But once I knew what it felt like to sit in a doctors room listening to him tell you that you have depression,  I realised that I’m on this earth for me. And me only. And I need to take care of myself in order to live my life to the fullest.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s easier said than done and I’ve been lectured time and time again about not putting my mental health first. But I feel like I’m at a point in my journey where I can finally say, it does get better and it has gotten better. It just takes time.

For some maybe a year, for others maybe 10 years but it time heals all wounds along with resilience, and a strong belief that you deserve to be happy. I’ve made this post as a way to send a message to people. You may feel like you’re at the bottom of the hill, with no path to get on top, but it’s normal to feel like that and soon, when time passes, the fog will clear and you’ll learn to repair your life.

“This isn’t your life forever – I promise you. This is just a difficult and shitty stage where you feel vulnerable and sad and maybe you feel nothing at all, but one day you will see that all of this is making you stronger. All of this is making you a kinder, more compassionate person and you will help others with your story.  When you have the courage to walk down the road of recovery – you will realise just how incredible you are. Whether it’s therapy or medication or something else that will help you, you have fucking got this. It won’t be easy, in fact, it’ll probably be the hardest thing you ever do, but it’s worth it and when you find the thing that heals you, utilise it. You’re not your illness and your mental health issues do not define you, they’re just a part of you… You’re loved, you’re deserving and you are the epitome of bravery. It get’s better” – Grace Victory





A huge passion of mine that surprisingly not many people know about is interior design. Nothing excites me more than experimenting with different colours, textures and prints to change the look and feel of a space. Living at home with my parents limits me to what I can do, but luckily enough for me I have freedom (well… mostly freedom! I have European parents) with what I can do so I’m always fixing and changing things around to suit my mood.

Currently, I’m in the middle of helping design the interior of the new family home with so many cosy goodies. This means spending hours on pinterest, homeware sites and watching house tours on YouTube has fixed my cravings. At the moment, I’m loving industrial, Scandinavian / monochrome bohemian. I love the look of raw materials combined with different textures like fur, rope or plants.

Below I’ve compiled some of my favourite pieces from my favourite websites / brands. I do not own all these products (if I was made out of money I would) but these are some items that have helped give me some inspiration.

Happy decorating xx

Urban Outfitters: 

37007762_001_d.jpeg  42443812_070_d.jpeg  42106914_070_d.jpeg  42397760_004_d.jpeg  41488156_014_d.jpg  42031815_007_d.jpg

41359175_015_d.jpeg  42599449_016_d.jpeg  43119171_102_d.jpeg  41569294_003_d.jpeg  43390038_011_d.jpeg  38887121_001_b.jpeg


35418706_003_b10.jpeg  38029732_026_b2.jpeg  41577651_010_b.jpeg  40625113_009_b.jpg  40624462_018_b.jpeg  37623899_015_b.jpeg

35159656_014_b1.jpeg  32513624_100_b.jpeg  21165006_001_b.jpeg  40612269_004_b.jpeg  40442865_010_b2.jpeg  36197945_074_b14.jpeg

Bed, Bath ‘n Table:

m_f-amira-cream-qqc.jpg    m_f-tribeca-marle-bale-set-stone-ivory-19388001.jpg    m_f-soho-bath-caddy-silver-10558201_1.jpg    m_f-apothecary-ba-18518101-alt_1.jpgm_f-mongolian-lambwool-faux-throws-194725-r.jpg    m_f-odessa-cushion-50x50cm-182345-r-v2.jpg    m_f-hanging-mirror-hexagon-black-19256501.jpg    m_f-glass-prisms-189523-r_2.jpg


42177272-1-tf.jpg     42348399-1-tf.jpg     42327196-1-tf.jpg     42328360-1-tf.jpg

42287971-1-tf.jpg   42262398-1-tf.jpg      42476245-1-tf.jpg      42433200-1-tf.jpg

42433422-1-tf.jpg   42427087-1-tf.jpg   42420927-1-tf.jpg      42427513-1-tf.jpg