I’m a planner.

As much as I love being spontaneous, I need to plan my life out so you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as I finished uni and we entered the new year, I knew exactly how I wanted to spend this year.

I have a well thought out plan. To travel. To use this year as my gap year. To look for a job in social media but to not let it impact and affect my life. And I’m standing by it. I used to spend so much time dwelling on the fact that ‘I’m not good enough to get a job in my preferred industry’ and a lot of last year I stressed myself out because of it.

I’m about to head on my first trip of the year to Bali. I’m excited, I’m anxious but most importantly I’m satisfied that even if it’s my only trip for this year, I’ve at least reached my goal of travelling.

I hate new year resolutions and try to never make them, but I try to reach one specific goal a year that I know will help my future. This year it’s about just doing what I want. Not listening to others and just living.

So here’s to 2018.





This blog has had a little makeover – and by makeover I mean I’ve deleted all my content to start again. So for my followers from the start, welcome to the new and improved blog. For the new ones, pretend you didn’t read this.

So why have I deleted all my content? I am such a firm believer of being true to yourself and being who you are and I felt on here I wasn’t. I take my creativity seriously and I am always hard on myself but I don’t want to try and act like someone I’m not for the sake of ┬álikes or follows.

I’ve always said this, being a full-time blogger would be exceptional, but making this blog isn’t for the huge online presence or money for me. It’s about creating content (on here and my YouTube channel) that’s important enough to potentially help someone. I am passionate about so many things which you’ll begin to learn as I share more content but the one thing that I love more than anything is being able to help other people and hopefully inspire someone to be who they really want to be.

So this is where we’re at now. My content will be a mix of everything and hopefully it’s better than last time.

But for now… enjoy!

C. xx

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