Disclaimer: In no way is the post to persuade people. It’s simply outlining my experiences and thoughts. 

Growing up in a European family meant always eating bolognese, schnitzel, meatballs, antipasto platters with prosciutto, ham and salami. Every meal I ate consisted of some sort of meat product. When I was younger, I was okay with this. I didn’t think any differently and I was never told (as silly as this sounds) that meat was an animal.

As I got older, I started to educate myself more on the impact eating meat has on the world and watched people close to like my brother become vegetarian and close friends become vegan. Late last year, I decided it was time to do it. I lasted a month. A month of enjoying not eating meat before I got sooooooooo drunk, ate a chicken kebab (shoutout to King St Kebabs) and missed the taste.

I did feel guilty. But my whole diet for 20 years was customed to eating meat. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to try again, but honestly I didn’t feel ready. It sounds silly, just cutting an ingredient from your diet… but for me it was more than that. It’s a social thing. I didn’t want to be that person that had to say no to a restaurant because there were no vegetarian options. I didn’t want to have dinner at a friends house and say no to what they cooked because it had meat in it.

Two months ago, my boyfriend Mitch and I were having a discussion with my brother and we agreed to give it ago. Two months later, Mitch hasn’t touched meat (…. he’s one of those people that puts their minds to things and smashes it) (I hate those people!). I cheated hear and there but I did reduce the amount I was having as much as I could till I was no longer eating it.

I now have not been eating meat for almost a month now and I can honestly I do not miss it. Well… I do miss it, because it makes life easier to cook a meal but I don’t miss the taste. I don’t miss a slab of steak on my plate, or grilled chicken in my burger.

I’m going to make posts hear and there updating about my journey, because I know so many people who are scared to give it a go! Like me, I was so worried about making a change in my lifestyle, but once you do it, you realise it’s not as bad as it may seem.

Leave a comment telling me your experiences with vegatarianism / veganism. What are your thoughts on it?