Self care is important to me. It’s what basically gets me through those days where I’m too anxious to move or feeling crap about my life.

What annoys me is the whole image on ‘self care’. Everyone does it different but it’s important to acknowledge it’s not just having a bath with candles, crystals and a glass of expensive wine. It’s not just about putting on a face mask and indulging a cheese platter. It’s about learning ways to deal with your mental health and encourage yourself to do things even when you feel like you can’t.

Don’t get me wrong, baths, crystals and cheese are on my top five favourite things, but I can’t tell you the last time I had a bath. So I thought I’d make a list of the things that I do to take care of myself on the days that I’m not coping well.

Eat well: I used to think I’d be happy if I indulged in a fat burger and chips (don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s exactly what I need) but having a nice bowl of something nutritious really makes you feel good.

Exercise: I say this with hesitation because I hate exercising. BUT, for the 30 minutes you’re exercising, you focus your mind on something else and it really makes you forget about the issues you’re having. Rather than sitting there dwelling on feeling anxious, you’re crying because there’s no way you can do one more jump squat and after, you feel like you’ve really accomplished something. (I also rarely exercise but lately have tried upping my game and have found it’s helped a lot).

Clean: I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m a wog or a virgo, but I love cleaning out my cupboards and re-organising everything. When my room is messy, my life feels messy so taking time out to clear things out does wonders for my mind.

Try a hobby: So many people have things they love doing and never have the time to do. For me, my passion is writing (hence the blog) but I never seem to have the time to just sit and pour my heart out. Make time for it. When you start making time for the things you love, it becomes part of your routine and something you look forward to. That’s why my blog is being picked up again. I’m putting in an effort to really make time for my writing as a way to care for my at times, sensitive mental health.

Obviously my tasks are different to others, and what works for me won’t work for everyone but I used to spend so long trying to find things that made me happy. I even went to a gym for crying out loud! Until I realised, not a lot needs to happen for me to feel good.





Your life is YOUR life. I know… it’s stating the obvious right? But to be the happiest you can be, means that sometimes you need to put yourself before anyone else.

Hate gets you nowhere. Putting all your energy into hating on someone or more importantly, hating on yourself doesn’t do much for you. I much rather put my energy into something a lot more positive. Like my blog hehe.

Your mental health is more important than money. This is a little hypocritical of me as sometimes I over-work myself and completely ruin myself, but no amount of money can beat a good mental health state. Take the time out if you need to. A good manager always understands.

Find a hobby. A hobby always makes people happy. Blogging for me is my biggest hobby and sitting down, writing  and sharing my content with the world makes me one happy little girl.

Have a self care day. You know how you go shopping with friends, have pamper sessions with your friends and spend time with your friends? Do the same with yourself. When I get the chance, I always try and take myself out of the house, even if it’s just down to my local shopping centre. I loooooove my own company.

You’re not alone. In a world of 7 billion people, there’s always someone.